Thirst Aid # 92

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Thirst Aid
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(May, 1993) There were just too many mouths for Mother Rabbit to feed. As usual, the runt of the litter was the first to get short-changed, as he was too small to compete with his brothers and sisters for a place by Mom’s side. This last little rabbit has a coin from Zimbabwe, the last country in the aplhabet. But look at him now! A concerned Gnome came to his rescue with a tiny baby bottle and an unending supply of patience. At first this bunny could only drink a small quanitiy before nodding off for yet another nap. Now he polishes off an entire baby bottle full of fresh, warm milk (pasture-ized, thanks to an obliging cow in a nearby meadow). The Gnome encourages him, “Drink your milk so you’ll grow big and strong!” and the carrots and baby corn are a sample of future treats. He knows that rabbits love to hear, “Eat all your vegetables!” A wee little was born in a glade, The runt of the litter and not worth a trade. But now this wee chap has it made in the shade For a Gnome gave him milk that is Grade A Thirst Aid. Certificate of Authenticity from Cairn Studio, Ltd. is not available.

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