Music To The Years 2002 # 73

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Music To The Years 2002
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Get ready for the countdown to the beginning of the NewYear……Harald, the gnome playing the trumpet, has closed his Guy Lombardo song book and now waits for his rabbit friend to handle the solo that will greet the New Year. Each January 1st begins with hopes for the New Year: good health, time with family and friends, enjoying the fruits of one’s labor, and Peace on Earth! It makes you want to sing or at least make music. (The little rabbit may be having some trouble getting the notes out.) The Irish coin (depicting the musical lyre) is multiplying the sound, making the tone more mellow. ……the time to sound the horn is almost here. “The sheep are in the meadow and the cows in the corn. So hurry little rabbitt-come blow your horn!” …2.1…Happy New Year!!! A Certificate of Authenticity from Cairn Studio, Ltd. is not included.

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