Cairn Christmas 1997 # 35

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Cairn Christmas 1997 Edition Number (35) Item # 6335 Not Signed Story Card is not Included (May 1996) It wouldn’t be Christmas without ribbons and bows. For some, wrapping gifts is a disagreeable chore. But for others, it’s a delightful and traditional holiday pastime. This industrious Gnome has a special purpose to his gift wrapping endeavors. He thinks that a large red bow will transform this furry bruin into a cuddly teddy bear. A teddy bear thinks the bear, greatly amused. Hardly I’m real. And therin lies the secret of this special season – shiny wrapping paper and colorful ribbons don’t change the real meaning of Christmas. This Kindred Spirits statue by Tom Clark and Tim Wolfe is the fourth member of Cairn Studio’s Annual Dated Christmas Series. The artists have included a small snail and a coin shaped like a teddy bear’s face. Tom and Tim’s wish for Collectors is this: May your gifts be wrapped with love and tied with joy, and may you have the best Christmas ever. A Certificate of Authenticity from Cairn Studio, Ltd. is not included. In the forest, like the city, Christmas comes to one and all. Greens and ribbons now appear, Decorating house and hall. Packages are gaily dressed. To hide the books and ties and toys. Loving gifts in clusters nested, All a part of Christmas joys.

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