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It is a rare occasion when Morgan makes an above-ground appearance. She is content to spend most of her life in solitude beneath the soil, digging and happily leading the existence of a typical young mole. Day and night, she is forever busy tunneling–always on the constant quest to satisfy her appetite for worms. By doing the “breast stroke’ with her large and impressively clawed
forepaws, she plows through the dirt like a miniature, furred bulldozer. It is underground where Morgan is in her element, and she seldom finds need to venture out from her subterranean world. Because of her solitary nature, Morgan’s encounters with other small animals are brief. Therefore, they know very little of her charming personality and disposition. One thing they can all agree on
however: Morgan is certainly down to earth! While she doesn’t reveal enough of herself to be disliked, not everyone welcomes the presence of this industrious little miner: The unsightly evidence of her excavating activitites does nothing to enhance the look of a well-groomed flower bed or manicured lawn. To avoid such areas, Morgan has to periodically poke her head above the surface, just long enough to get her bearing straight. Then it’s quickly back to work in the tunnel, where she continues digging. Morgan really doesn’t care if there is light at the end or not.
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