Wilma #10

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Retired 1/31/91
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Don’t let Wilma’s friendly face fool you. Pound for pound, the little weasel is one of nature’s most efficient predators and by the time she reaches adulthood, Wilma will have become a lean, mean, hunting machine. She has already inherited some of her mother’s prowess: with lightning fast movements she pops up one hole and down another, preoccupied with the never-ending search for food. Food is, in her case, just about anything that moves. Although she would prefer somethinga bit more on the meatier side. Wilma’s not about to turn her whiskers up at a fat, juicy beetle. Speaking of which, the one behind her is about to realize just how quick weasels can be.  Certificate of Authenticity from Cairn Studio, Ltd. is not available.

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