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LEWIS (42)
Retired 3/31/94
Not signed
Story card included
Darting from under a patch of clover to a lookout position atop a small stump,Lewis pauses to study the terrain. From this higher elevation he can better predetermine his next course of travel. To a little guy who stands only three inches tall (when on his hind legs), any opportunity to acquire a height advantage is a welcome one. Always the adventurous sort, Lewis has volunteered his skills as a scout and pathfinder to his fellow clan of field mice. Whenever the little group travels or goes on food expeditions, he scurries on ahead–selecting the best routes and making sure the coast is clear of predators.Thinking he has just heard the shrill whistle of a sharp-shinned hawk, he alertly cocks his ears forward and scans the sky. While he is knowledgeable of the danger hawks present to his kind, Lewis is rather envious of the big birds: what a view they must have from up there!
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