Karla # 39

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Retired 3/31/1997
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Scrub, scrub, scrub! Here we find Karla using her forepaws to wash her face. When it
comes to personal hygiene and clean surroundings, this little bunny is very
conscientious, and strict measures are taken towards keeping herslef and her home as
dirt-free as possible. Nothing can escape Karla’s cleaning prowess, as everything within reach must be washed or dusted or mopped or swept on a regular basis. Such steps are necessary, Karla feels, for maintaining a tidy, sanitary environment, and also for discouraging the intrusion of insects. And if anything rubs her fur the wrong way, it’s bugs. Bugs not only carry germs, but they also make her sneeze. Some say that Karla is a bit overparticular about cleaning, but then again, cleanliness IS next to Godliness, And Karla’s heart is unsoiled. Certificate of Authenticity from Cairn Studio, Ltd. is not available.

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