Kelly #76

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Legend has it that if you take your eyes off a leprechaun, he vanishes like smoke. Could Kelly’s visitor have been a real live leprechaun? All she remembers is
that one moment the little Irishman was there, and in the next-poof! He was gone. Poor fellow, he left in such a hurry that he forgot his hat. Being the curious sort, Kelly decided to try it on for size. What a marvelous creation! She had no sooner placed the hat on her furry head when, without warning, she began to giggle. It was as if her whole world had taken on a new and rather humorous dimension. Kelly giggled again, and then giggled even harder when she thought of Clifford and Hughie finding her in such a state. Her behavior wasn’t at all very squirrel-like, and they would probably think she had gotten into a batch of fermented acorns. Faith ‘n’ Begorra! It’s obvious she has the luck ofthe Irish and they’ll be green with envy.

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