Fern Michaels : Hide And Seek

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This is a new Paperback issue of this book and it has never been read. The girls taking it easy at an idyllic hideaway in Spain. Much to their delight, they are soon given another mission–they must sneak into the US to thwart Assistant Director of the FBI, Mitchell Riley from framing Judge Nellie Easter and Attorney Lizzie Fox. District Attorney, Jack Emery and karate expert and dogo owner, Harry Wong, are two new members of the Sisterhood–referred to as the “American Vigilantes”. The brains of the organization, Charles Martin, has the group, in disguise, enter Washington DC, bent on exposing the corrupt and immoral Riley.
The vigilanties work their magic, through Charles’ guidance, while Jack and Harry assist them. The men know they are being watched, but are able to complete their assignment, and knock the arrogant AD Riley on his figurative butt.

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