Cairn Christmas 1998

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CAIRN CHRISTMAS 1998 Active A Cairn Studio, artwork of Tom Clark’s Gnome collection. This Gnome and his rabbit buddy have made a new friend! He’s a well-rounded individual, though sometimes a little flaky. His eyes are black as coal, and there’s not a frosty bone in his body. In general, he appears to have his head on straight. These kindred spirits think he’s cool, and that’s no snow job! It’s obvious that they’re having a ball. The artists have decorated the statue with their signatures touches – from Tim Wolfe, a snail: and from Tom Clark, a coin from Zimbabwe that shows a rabbit. The artists wish you the happiest of holidays, and hope that you will take time in this busy and joyful holiday season to make new friends! This is edition # 28, item # 6347, dated 1997. The Gnome measures 6 1/2″tall 7″ in the diameter at the base. It is in excellent condition and comes from a store that is no longer carrying a display of Gnomes. Also there is no Certificate of Authenticity for Cairn Studio Ltd.

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