Animal XX # 40 Xtraterrestrial

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Animal X
Edition Number 40
Item #9112 Xtraterrestrial
Retired 10-31-1999
Not Signed
Story Card is not Included
Xcuse me while I xclude Letter E…
Xcited hydrates xplaining xploring xpeditions xaggerate xtraterrestrial xistence.
Xtremely xhausted lynxes xercising xcessively xhale xtensively.
Xasperating vixen foxes boxing oxen xperience xtensive X ray xaminations.
Xorbitant xecutives xtol xotic Xmas faxes.
Xtinct T-Rexes xpect xtravagent tax xemptions.
A Certificate of Authenticity from Cairn Studio, Ltd. is not include

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